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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we charge for drinks?
    There can be no charge for alcohol to event attendees. Drinks can be included in a ticket price, but not priced separately.. The exception is for non-profits with a special occasion license.
  • Are there any limits on types of drinks we can serve?
    The renter may serve beer, wine, cider, and champagne. Hard liquor is not allowed.
  • Do I need a permit to serve alcohol?
    Yes, any event serving alcohol must obtain a Washington State banquet permit. This is available online at:, choose licensing services/alcohol licensing/banquet permit FAQ. The cost is approximately $10/day
  • Do we need a licensed bartender?
    You do not need a licensed bartender at private events, although this is always recommended. You are only required to have a MAST certified bartender if you are a non profit using a special occasion license.
  • Is there a fee for serving alcohol?
    You will pay a fee for a banquet license with WA state.
  • Is there any additional paperwork?
    You will be required to sign a Wine and Beer Addendum in addition to the rental agreement
  • Why do I need event insurance?
    Event insurance is required by the Womans Club of Spokane to hold an event at our venue. It protects you from being held liable in case of property damage to our building and/or bodily injury to you or your guests.
  • What information do I need from the Woman's Club to complete the application?
    We require a 1 million dollar policy with the Woman's Club of Spokane listed as an additional insured on the declarations page. You may need to indicate whether or not you are serving alcohol. A copy of this policy must be given to the rental manager before your event date.
  • How much will event insurance cost?
    Prices vary depending on size and type of event. Some websites will give you a quote with just some very basic information.
  • I teach classes and already have liability coverage. Will this work?
    You can contact your insurance carrier and see if they can add The Woman's Club of Spokane as an additional insured. There may be an additional charge. Stand alone insurance (not listing the Woman's Club) will cover bodily injury, but not damage to our building. Please provide a copy of the Additional Insured certificate to the rental manager.
  • Who can sell me event insurance?
    You can obtain event insurance from many companies. Some websites that offer this include: ***Or you may be able to get a one-day rider on your homeowners policy (may be most affordable option). The Event Helper offers links with information specific to the Woman's Club already prefilled, If you would like to use these links, please choose below: For weddings: Event Helper For all other events: Event Helper
  • Do I need to know all the details of my event when I pay my deposit?
    No, you will provide us with the basics: what date, approximate time frame, and type of function. We will complete a rental contract with all the details at least 2 weeks before your event.
  • Can the deposit be used to pay for my rental fees?
    This amount is not applied to rent and other fees.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    The deposit must be paid by cash or cashiers check. A personal check is acceptable, but date will not be reserved until the check clears.
  • How much is the deposit?
    Rentals on Upper Floor (ballroom and NW room) require a $500 deposit. Rentals on Lower Level (club room and rose room) require a $250 deposit. Ongoing rentals (such as classes) will be determined on an individual basis.
  • Will my deposit be refunded if the event is cancelled?
    Cancellation less than 2 weeks before event - 50% refund of deposit Cancellation less than 5 days before event - no refund
  • How do I get my deposit back?
    You will receive a full refund of your deposit by check or deposit directly into your bank account minus any costs incurred from damages, etc., outlined in the rental contract.
  • What is the deposit used for?
    This amount reserves your date. Your date is not reserved until we receive the deposit and a completed deposit form. Once the event commences, this fee will become your damage deposit.

These are some of the most common questions we receive regarding event rentals. Please feel free to reach out to 509-838-5667 or with any additional questions.

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