Frequently Asked Questions

What deposits are required for a reservation?

  • A security deposit is required with a completed and signed deposit form to reserve your date(s) and your choice of room(s) with approximate begin and end times. This deposit also functions as your security deposit in case of damage during event.

  • The deposit amount is dependent on the type of event and rooms rented.

  • It will not apply to the rent or other fees.

  • It is refundable in part or whole contingent on adherence to the rules listed on the deposit form and rental contract.

What is provided with space rent cost?

  • Tables & chairs are included, along with their set-up and break-down 

What types of tables, chairs, or linens are available?


  • 10 Round 5' (60") diameter tables that seat 6-8 people

  • 20 Rectangle 6'x30" tables

  • 150 Sturdy metal folding chairs

Not Available:

  • Table Linens

  • Chair Covers

Can we bring our own food?

  • Private events that are limited to members and guest of your family who desire potlucks do not require a permit. All food must be pre-cooked. You may hire a caterer who will also need to bring in food that is pre-cooked.

Do we need Event Liability Insurance?

  • Event insurance is mandatory for ALL events (Public, private, non-profit, etc.). Renter obtains the General Liability Insurance with or without serving alcohol. All renters shall secure a Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.

  • may be able to help with securing this certificate.

Can we bring alcohol?

  • Private Parties: Our fee for Beer and Wine use is $50.

  • Drinking is not allowed outside of your rental space or outside of the building.

  • Wines and Beers are allowed with a WA State Banquet Permit AND General Liability Insurance that includes Alcohol coverage. Permit and Insurance must be presented to The Woman’s Club no less than 30 days before your event.

  • Hard liquor is not allowed.

Is the Club ADA accessible?

  • Our main level is ADA accessible (including a restroom) and the entire building is air-conditioned.


These are some of the most common questions we receive regarding event rentals. Please feel free to reach out to 509-838-5667 or with any additional questions.